Kanye West's Fugly Singing on SNL Called Out!


Kanye West's Inflated Ego

Radio, TV and now print media buzz about Kanye West's horrible "singing" performance of Heartless last week on Saturday Night Live. Dare I hope? Is the media finally prying its lips off of his onion?

Ever since Kanye and his formidible ego arrived on scene, I've been equal parts of amazed and aggitated at the praise and reverence lavished upon him by music critics and other media talking heads. If his perpetual "na na na na, na-na-na-na, naa naaaaa" cadence is within earshot, I bring the hate.

Yes, he writes good hooks, beats and occasionally entertaining lyrics. Yes, he raps alright (and may I remind you I am an expert in urban musicality). But singer he is not. And that's what he mascaraded as on SNL, only everyone but Kanye noticed it.

Shawn Amos of the Yahoo music blog Get Back published an article today exposing Kanye's misguided confidence by making this sensible observation -
Kanye broke the cardinal rule of bad singing. He stepped outside of his preapproved vocal zone.
Oh happy day! Finally someone who has a voice inside proves not everyone is high on Kanye West. Amos goes on to say singers who know they can't sing are always forgiven. True. Consider one of my personal favorites, Mr. Johnny Cash, who said on countless occasions he talked a song more than sang it. But his showmanship and humility hit the bullseye as an entertainer.

Mr. West, on the other hand, thinks he is a most excellent singer and has told us all so on music award shows whether he's at the winners' podium or not. In all fairness, I may take my Kanye criticism more seriously than most. Afterall, he is banned from my blog as you can see over there ---->>. But not without good reason.

Amos' article is a good read. You can browse Yahoo's top list of singers who can't sing and all 11,000+ comments. They take some good shots at Madonna and her carnival arms. I only take issue with Celine Dion's mention. Sure, she's drama and I disliked her odd chest thumping stage, but she can most definitely sing, sang and sung.

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JD at I Do Things said...

YAY! Not that this will make any difference to Kanye, whose ego is indeflatable.

Thanks for posting that link. It was an interesting read.

JD at I Do Things

Amy Grindhouse said...

Hi again Diva =)

Kanye has the nerve to call himself the greatest, yet can't carry a tune in a bucket. The irony is astonishing, yet he'll still never get why people ridiculed his performance.

P.S. I know this may be a redundant comment, but I love the verboseness of this post. You are a really good writer. Oooh, did I just find a new favourite place to hang out?

Vivienne said...

Hi JD, indeed it won't phase him at all. Sometimes I admire that kind of over-inflation. When I forget one of many research citations and I have to consult my notes when briefing my boss on a project, I'm totally humiliated and would like to return to my desk with a Xerox box on my head. Kanye would walk out of such a meeting popping his collar.

Hello Ms. Grindhouse, I do enjoy your tune in a bucket quip. That has been filed in my mind for future use. Thanks for stopping by and please, make yourself at home in the lounge. Mojitos on me!

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