California Tax Refund IOUs? Bite Me, California!


Okay California, it's ON. Living in one of the most liberal states in the nation is hard work for hard working peeps like me. We have all kinds of cozy social programs for people who'd rather stay home and have lots of babies instead of go to work. In my city, such persons can get subsidized waterfront housing for about $100 a month if the property owner would like some sweet tax breaks for taking in Section 8 tenants.

Now me, I'd rather give a quarter of my paycheck to the State of California and the rest of it to my mortgage lender instead of living the high life on the waterfront for one Benjamin. And today, as an added screw off, the State of California has informed me that if the budget is not approved by February 1st, which is highly unlikely the pundits say, I will be getting an IOU instead of my state tax refund.

Bite me Cali-frickin-fornia! How 'bout I send an IOU instead of my property taxes? How about you make all these loafs living in free housing take back their 52" plasma TVs and Cadillac Escalades with 22" chrome rims and use those millions to give me my damn refund, eh California?

Sweet dreams to me. I better go to bed. I have to work in the morning. Effffff it all! And a special giant bird to Hollywood who thinks it's so politically savvy. Ass wipes.

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Ram Venkatararam said...

Section 8? Isn't that what Klinger was trying to get on MASH. Anyway, blaming the poor is an excellent idea and one that I can get behind easily. I find that they are annoying and smell poorly (like the elderly). I only enjoy charity (aka social services) if those benefitting are humble, grateful and not all "uppity and demanding."

Right on!

Vivienne said...

Hi Ram, what is this Klinger Section 8 you speak of? I'll have to log on to TVLand and find out.

If you're gonna get behind my idea, you'll have to shift your blame to the government, not the 'poor'. I use air quotes because they're not really poor, just lazy and crazy like a fox. These particular persons realized years ago that their aid checks pay them more each month than a job would and they proudly pass that lifestyle on for generations.

And I don't mind much if someone smells, I actually like natural musk. Too much perfume though, different story all together.

malcontent said...

These idiots should be fired! They have no problem taking state cash in the form of paychecks and benefits, but hard-working Californians are now made to wait for money that is rightfully theirs.

Put a stop to this crap by denying the state your money by filing a revised W-9.

Junior said...

haha, I'm getting the same thing on my blog. 50% of traffic is from the "CA tax rebate" Googlers. Funny, when I wrote about Arizona going broke no one cared but apparently this IOU thing is a hot topic.

I love that you put a "welcome" note on the post - I might have to steal that idea ;)

Lindsay said...

You know what kills me is that a friend on mine told me about a coworker who lives on Section 8 and everything else she can get her hands on. The girl moved in with her boyfriend, and rented out her Section 8 house. ON TOP OF THAT, she got a $1500 tax return from the state...ALREADY IN HAND. How can people be on assistance and still get a tax return? Aren't you technically using what money you would have got back if you had a real job?

William Hood said...

2007 was not a good year for my family. Despite the challenges we faced, we made it on our own with several late payments along the way. While we paid a lot in taxes, imagine my surprise when we got more back than what we paid! I am not one to turn down free money but I also know that it is not really free. Well, unless I want to take the approach that you are never going to make enough to pay taxes.
I got credits for my kids, renting a house (despite owning several properties) and a couple other things.
But all is not lost. My wife and kid are already in IL and the moving van comes Monday. And yes, I am taking the Sec 8 tax breaks. Now that my tax money will not be going to CA, the money I get is free to me.
Fire them all.

Garg the Unzola said...

California is scared that gay people are going to use the money to elope to Vegas.

Anonymous said...

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