Friday Night Cocktail Mix


Thank god it's time for another Friday night at the Swizzle Stick. In fact, all my vajayjay research this week makes me want to think of nothing but swizzle sticks. SNAP. Well, tonight's libation needs to be the strong, silent type. Here's what's on special:

Tonight's Featured Cocktail: The Rusty Nail

Serve: Cold in an old fashioned glass
Smash Factor: Memory Loss
Origin: Scotland, 1950s


  • 6/10 Whiskey - Scotch
  • 4/10 Drambuie

Build over ice and add a lemon twist. Spin Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther" and see what happens. See you next week at the Swizzle Stick, and subscribe. Do you think I do this for fun?

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