I Don't Think Michael Moore is a Full Douche Bag Anymore


My previous opinion of Michael Moore as an obnoxious America-hating slobtastic douche has been altered by Moore's appearance on Larry King last night. Moore, a Flint, Michigan native and former General Motors employee, made some pretty excellent points about the failing auto industry on the show. He talked about their failing product line and unreliable vehicle performance as the reasons behind the industry's pending collapse. He opposed the blank check bailout requested by the three stooges on capitol hill yesterday because they'll continue making their bad management decisions with our billions of tax dollars. Instead, he said the government should take the reigns of Chrysler, GM and Ford, replace the management team and direct the companies to produce mass transit and hybrid cars, among other things. Check him out.

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stephanie said...

when the government takes over businesses, that's the beginning os socialism. socialism is a bad thing. (read atlas shrugged if you don't realize why.) government doesn't need to exert any more power than it already has. now, do the auto makers need a good swift kick in the anus? you betcha. there has to be some serious restructuring, but not govt. ownership.

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