People Going Postal on Parking Wars TV Show are Funny


A & E's television show "Parking Wars" really rings my bell. I watch it every chance I get. If you think you've had a bad day at work, you should watch these parking officers get insulted, attacked and cursed every second of their shifts. The show follows the Philadelphia Parking Authority staff as they perform their ticketing, booting, towing and impounding duties.

Parking Wars is the best reality TV show ever. People come unhinged when they get parking tickets in Philly. The city has one thousand parking laws and aggressively enforces them with expensive citations. I'm not saying I wouldn't react the same way, I just really enjoy watching it happen to others.

The best segments are the booting and impound staff. Once your car is booted, you have 48 hours to pay the huge fines in unpaid tickets you've racked up or they'll come tow your car. Your car can't be booted if you're sitting in it. You've never seen people fly out the house so fast wearing all kinds of interesting outfits just to jump in their cars before the boot's in place. Good times! My favorite booter is Steve. He's the calmest man on earth, even in altercations where I would have removed my earrings and settled it in the middle of the street.

The impound staff happily receives the car owners when they arrive to retrieve their cars. They must provide proof of insurance, which most of them don't have. The stories they come up with are really creative! The staff just smiles and keeps repeating the same line, "I'm sorry mam, without proof of insurance you cannot claim your vehicle. Impound charges incur daily". It's a good thing the employees sit behind plexy glass. My favorite on the impound lot is Barb. She smiles too much and it pisses the people off even more.

The best ticketer of all is Danielle. She's kind of like a Jersey girl, friendly but ready to snap your head off with her fingernails. All the guys try to charm Danielle out of their tickets. She lets them think they're closing the deal and then says, "It's a good ticket. Call the number at the bottom to dispute." Doh!

I wish we had these parking officers in my city. It would make parking tickets almost worth the trouble. The show airs Wednesdays on A & E at 10/9 central. You better watch it.

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self taught artist said...

GREAT you are going to get me hooked on another 'reality' thing. this made me laugh my ass off.
*your writing sold me

Vivienne said...

Yes! I take full credit for your new addiction. You will thank me for it. I always feel like the world is a better place after watching Parking Wars.

self taught artist said...

okay I watched it last night and I thought of you...this attests to your fantastic writing skills because I didn't care for it as much as I liked reading about it here. I wonder what you do for a living, you are a powerful writer.

Vivienne said...

Hi Self Taught, I'm so disappointed you weren't thrilled with Parking Wars. I missed the new episodes so I wonder if they've changed something about the show. Drat. I'll have to watch online.

Thanks for complimenting my writing. I love to write more than almost anything. I am employed as a criminal justice researcher for local govt. Lots of writing, but not the fun kind where I get to insult people. Know what I mean?

self taught artist said...

thats insane. thanks for telling me, its hard to believe though, it sounds so UN FUN. but what do i know, i'm about as far from that as you can be.
okay i will try parking wars NEXT week just to give it a chance.
keep insulting the masses, you do it well :)

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