Rosie O'Donnell's Back : NBC Television is on Crack.


Rosie O'Donnell's obnoxious pie hole will be barking dim-witted opinions and crude blaps on the NBC airwaves weekly starting November 23rd. Well that's just great. I'd rather pour salt in my eye than see her on TV again.

Rosie O'Donnell is a human migraine headache with ocular disturbances. She's professed some of the dumbest opinions I've ever heard from an adult. Remember her 9/11 conspiracy theory based on her belief that the building collapses were the first time that steel has ever melted? Hilarious. I still wonder how she thinks steel is made. DUMB ASS.

All this foulness wrapped in a messy slobadelic package gets you another TV show? NBC is on crack. The same kind of tired controversy can only make love to ratings so many times. She says her comedy will be like Carol Burnett with Ed Sullivan type variety. Please. That's blasphemous. Carol Burnett is so organically funny and genuinely classy. Rosie is like a fart. It's funny the first few times, but after a short while it's just stinky, loud and disgusting.

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Kathy said...

Best descriptions of the woman I've ever read. Hat's off to ya! Hilarious!

Vivienne said...

Thanks, Kathy! So delighted to find another Rosie detester. We're outnumbered, you know.

Kathy said...

I watched maybe five seconds of the show last night out of morbid curiosity. Oh, yeah, baby. She's goin' down. Won't last more than 5 episodes. You heard it here first.

Kathy said...

Just read her show was canceled due to low viewership. Weeee!

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