I'm a Real Cliff Dweller - Bacon Rice Krispies Treats


Believe me, I love bacon. If I were to someday go chalupas in the mind and find myself on death row for an unspeakable crime, I would request nothing but extra crispy bacon for my last meal. Last summer, one of my favorite blogs for kicks and giggs posted a recipe for bacon vodka. Sadly, my high expectations were flushed away, literally.

'Scuse me while I fetch a drink of water. You won't get that unless you click the flushed away link.

Well, what a wicked web our addictions weave because I tried another blasphemous bacon recipe from the same blog responsible for one of the most violent hurls unleashed in my bathroom to date. This time, a bacon-Rice Krispies treat mash-up.

Aaaaand, I'm still licking the pan! Hallelujers, it was divine. Picture this, all the gooey goodness of marshmellows and the sexy smokey flavor of bacon all wrapped up in the crunchy weightlessness of Rice Krispies. Hello, lover.

If you're licking your chops right now, embrace your penchant for everything bacon . You might even become an abstract food artist if you just let go and let bacon. I suggest you let it do what it do and be ye not afraid to make some of these beautiful bacon bars. I had them for breakfast this morning and they're so undense that I went down the street for a bacon cheese omelette afterwards. Life is good.

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JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, funny. This sounds much better than the bacon vodka. Even tho I proudly wear a "BILF" T-shirt, I didn't care for the fancy, gourmet bacon chocolate candy bar I tried. You might like it tho.

JD at I Do Things

Kathy said...

The rice crispy treats appeal to my love of sweet and savory mixed together. The vodka? Not on your life!

PotatoChef said...

Everything, except maybe vodka, is better with bacon...


Bacon and Potatoes go together like peanut butter and celery stick.

Brandy Rose said...

Ok, I love extra marshmellows in my rice krispies and I love extra crispy bacon....but together? I'll have to think that one over...
Love this blog btw.

Mik said...

I like my bacon with more bacon, no need to add it to other stuff!

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