Blogging Directly Related to Butt Spread


This just in - studies confirm that blogging does result in butt spread, the process of your onion spreading out and over the edges of your chair while you're online for hours. If I don't ease up a little soon, I'll startle my cats with my supersized badonk, too. Like the commercial says, "get out and play an hour a day", or risk towing a wide load.

7 Snap and Comment:

Bill said...

True dat. But, I get a daily walk with my daughter, so that helps shrink it.

Samsara said...

Dugg. Very clever. ;)

I don't think people consider butt spread as often as they could!

Living within Samsara

Tammy said...

That is pretty scary when you think about it. Hell I just looked at my butt and yeah it is a little big. Bloody blogging! LOL!

soulmerlin said...

I have no chance of a bony ass - I'm designed on the lines of a stick insect. (it does get sore tho' with no fat to cushion the chair) ok ok I'll get a soft chair.


momjeansblogger said...

Butt spread is an issue ignored by too many! Thank you for having the courage to bring it up!

Marisa said...

Ha. Very nice.

Anonymous said...


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