Jesse Jackson is a Blowhard Who Wants Obama's Nuts


So Barack Obama calls for male blacks to man up and take responsibility for their children beyond conception and the Reverend Jesse Jackson says he wants to cut Obama's nuts off for talking down to black people. Right.

Every time Jesse Jackson opens his mouth I want to shut it. Why is this man so revered in the African American community and courted by the media? Black people, can you explain this? Jesse Jackson has now positioned his well-kissed ass in front of Obama's momentum by once again rehashing his tired cry of "Black people get no respect. Stop talking down to us." The only thing worse than listening to Jesse Jackson rant is having Al Sharpton chime in with him on the same show....which is just around the corner, I'm sure.

I think this is a simple case of president envy. Jackson, having unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination twice in the 80s, can't stand watching Obama's moment. Apparently he wants to take both his AND Obama's balls and go home.

Can you imagine if John McCain had said he wants to castrate Obama or Lou Dobbs whispered wanting to slice Hillary Clinton's tits off for something she said? Oh the fodder! Cries of racism, sexism and termination from employment ring through the air!

Mr. Jackson was upfront and center demanding Don Imus' termination when he called black female athletes, "nappy headed hoes". And yes Don Imus is an ass and a really bad dresser, but how come no one's calling for Jackson to disappear? Because he and Obama have the same skin color so asinine statements don't instantly morph into "racism"?

So Jackson's apology tour is coming to a network near you. Oh lord it's only a matter of time before Sharpton and Jackson yap on together about how a deeper meaning rooted in the struggle of black people in this country was really behind Jackson's idiotic statement. White people don't understand.

No Jesse Jackass, you don't understand. Obama is right. Black fathers toss their children by the wayside often enough for them to have their very own nickname. And please don't cry to me about all the Baby Daddy's in prison. They put themselves in there. What's that Rev. Jackson? They're in prison because they lacked positive role models during childhood? Oh, right, because they're dads blew them off, like Obama's saying. Maybe you should cut their nuts off.

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skinny fat chick said...

I am not racist in the least. But everytime I see Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson I just want to scream!

Vienne said...

Hi Skinny Fat, do it - scream. Maybe our howls for reason will be heard by someone, somewhere.

My sentiment has nothing to do with racisim, either. I'm an equal opportunity town crier when it comes to boneheads.

DirtyLaundryDiva said...

Some people are just complete idiots and you are right race has nothing to do with it... just lack of brain cells.

Drowsey Monkey said...

I don't understand it either. I mean, why is Obama looked upon as 'talking down' to people? I don't see that. I think they just say that because he is black. Like it's not okay for a black person to be educated or something. I find it all very odd.

As for the interview tho, it was obvious that he didn't think he was on camera. Speaking of below the belt, I think the network was wrong to have aired it. Pretty cheesy in my opinion.

coolingstar9 said...

Everybody has an equal chances in life.
We salute Obama for his hard work.
Have a nice day.
Best wishes from Coolingstar9

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