Burt Reynolds' Love Affair With Burt Reynolds


I saw a recent photo of Burt Reynolds on TV today that made me choke on my pomegranate juice. And pom juice is expensive, so wasting some down my shirt is not good. If you've seen Burt recently, you know what I mean. The man, once sexy burly, has morphed into a taught-skinned, wide-eyed man barbie with removable black mustache. Pity.

While searching for before and after photos of Burt, I found this vintage shot. It's not often a man photo can simultaneously disgust and arouse me. The ass is not all that, but the attitude behind the ass is the kicker here. I generally like 'tude in a dude. I see a difference between arrogance and confidence. Still, posing for this photo just oozes 'I love me!' and I doubt most men would do it without losing a bet or being extorted by an exgirlfriend.

Didn't anyone suggest an ass wax? Seriously, with all the real life photoshopping Burt Reynolds has done to himself, you'd think he'd scorn at throwing up his hairy berry. I'm just sayin'.

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Bee said...

First off, pomegranate juice is only second to coffee in its deliciousness.

Second, I was watching some documentary on the sexual revolution and they showed his centerfold picture from the 70s, I couldn't believe the all the hair on his body!

I think hairy men were "in" back then. ::shiver::

Vienne said...

Hi bee, indeed, pom juice is a savory nectar.

I know the photo you speak of. What a hairy beast, huh? I rather like hairy chests and I can go along with a hairy back under some circumstances, but a full on hairy body suit is pushing it.

jack said...

Oh I dunno, I dont think he is "all that" but Inever cared for bushy Mustaches anyways LOL.


Drowsey Monkey said...

Waxing of any kind was not the thing to do back in the day. Hair = manliness.

But yeah, I saw him recently too. He and Kenny Rogers can go on some kind of freak tour ... you know, what not to do with plastic surgery. Sad.

JHS said...

Men waxing is a very recent phenomenon and one that has certainly only become popular with a segment of the population. Many men -- particularly those over 40 -- would rather die than subject themselves to such procedures. It is not seen to them as remotely manly. And, frankly, many women over the age of 40 would be horrified if their husbands began doing it, me included. ::shiver:: There are certain places where hair belongs and a manly chest is one of them. So give Burt and his hairy arse a break.

As to his plastic surgery . . . I think Reynolds, Kenny Rogers, and Michael Jackson belong in the plastic surgery horrors hall of fame.

vettech said...

Ok, first of all Burt Reynolds high point in his career came well before the advent of "metro-sexuals". So if he had waxed, he wouldn't have been so "macho" and wouldn't have been the sex symbol that he was.

Also, he made a career out of not so much acting, but being on camera playing with his friends and making us laugh with his infectious giggle.

Funny thing is, he could have been a serious actor ... if you ever really watch Deliverance ---he was extremely good.

Vienne said...

Okay, okay, I give. I won't hold the hairy berry against him anymore. Come to think of it, if I heard a guy waxed his ass I suppose I would raise an eyebrow.

Times were simpler back then, weren't they?

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