Lindsay Lohan to Emmy: Thanks but No Thanks, Emmy: Huh?


Lindsay Lohan's cart was out in front of the horse this week when she withdrew her name from Emmy consideration. For her four-line appearance on "Ugly Betty". The Diva (me, not her) is not amused...well, maybe a little amused in a guffaw and teeth sucking kind of way.

Is this noble or obnoxious or just plain meaningless Lohan drama? "All of the above" is an acceptable answer, by the way. When you withdraw your name from consideration of anything, you do so because you don't want to win. And you make this effort because you are fairly convinced you will win, right? Otherwise there's no point.

So I'm going with obnoxiously meaningless drama. Saying thanks but no thanks to Emmy means you must have something to be thankful for in the first place. How hilarious is it that Lindsay Lohan would think she's on track for an Emmy for nano seconds of face time? Hil-Frickin-Larious.

Is this the blissful self image you spawn once you're swallowed up by the land of milk and honey? How sweet it must be to sit yourself down and really try to minimize all that adoration coming your way in hopes of evening up the playing field for those in your shadow. I can't type that sentence without the circus big tent theme playing in my head.

I think it's totally fantasmic to do such a thing! Just leave your name alone. Lindsay's minimal guest role on Ugly Betty couldn't possibly have clenched a nomination let alone the win. No, it's much better to draw droves of attention to yourself and your altruistic nature by following in Katherine Heigl's footsteps of mercy and deference to those more deserving.


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Jinksy said...

When you are a train wreck like Lindsay, anything you can do to garner publicity (good or bad) is par the course.

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