One Birken Bag or Plumpynut for 9,000 Starving Kids?


Birken Bags start at $9,000, about the same cost for feeding 9,000 starving children in third world countries with Plumpynut, a vitamin fortified peanut butter backed by Doctors Without Borders in Niger. A daily dose of Plumpynut costs about $1, thus my calculation. I have made quantifying things into shocking realizations a fun hobby.

The World Health Organization says 178 million children suffer from malnutrition across the globe. That's only about 20,000 Birken Bags at the bargain model price of $9k each. I read Posh Beckham owns about $1 million worth of Birkens. That's a LOT of Plumpynut! Well, how can you compete with the thrills of choosing from precious metals of silver palladium, ruthenium, guilloche or 24 karat gold for the hardware on your bag, or waiting on Hermes' purse list for two years?

All Plumpynut has to offer are life-saving nutrients for starving kids. The mixture is simple to prepare and does not need refrigeration. Reports say its sweet taste appeals to children and they eat it willingly. But, the Plumpynut tube is not paveed with diamonds or made of pink ostrich skin, so really that's like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

The Birken Bag's been around for 24 years and took off right away with celebrities recognizing it as essential. Plumpynut was created in 1999 but has only recently received international media attention thanks to CNN's Anderson Cooper and Doctors Without Borders.

Our world's funny that way, idden it? Things are different in the Divasphere. Plumpynut over Birkens, hands down.

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Drowsey Monkey said...

It is a funny world, thats for sure. Can't imagine paying that for a purse, but I guess it's all relative if you make millions.

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the bag by Hermes? If you are, then it's "Birkin", not "Birken."

Hope you won't mind me sharing.

Vienne said...

Hi Drowsey, I think those who purchase such bags should be referred for brain MRIs. There's just got to be something short circuiting in there. But as you say, on the million dollar level it's probably like me buying a Nine West handbag.

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the correction. That makes the price SO much more justified.

Susie said...

It's amazing the amount of money on a name, ain't it.. what makes that bag worth 9,000 and a Walmart baggie or baggette worth 9 bucks?

If each celebrity would clean out their closets, auction last years bags on ebay - wow.. great marketing idea there!

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