Well this oughtta warm your heart. Seventeen girls aged 16 or younger are pregnant at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts. And they couldn't be happier! The girls reportedly entered a pregnancy pact to have babies together any which way they could. Several of them don't know who the fathers are (yeah, right) and one admits to sleeping with a 24 year old homeless man she didn't even know to get pregnant. Their parents must be so proud.

Let's see, when I was that age we made pacts like friends forever or marry brothers and swore each other to secrecy about our wild times at the mall, first crushes or perhaps, kissing a boy on the mouth (GASP!). A pregnancy pact would have been "ewwwwed!" and "no wayed!" off the board.

But girls today are so much more sophisticated and educated than two decades ago. And they have such great role models, too. I think we can't but thank some of those fine examples for young women for publicizing lifestyles that this fun and exciting pregnancy pact emulates. Tila Tequila, cyber whore wonder, regularly prostitutes herself on MTV with men, women, sons, daughters, moms and dads to everyone's amusement. She makes me want to wash my hands. Jamie Lynn Spears, although not as conspicuous as Tequila, is still showing young girls that getting pregnant before you are trusted to vote, drink or play cards is just fine. And on it goes.

Seventeen Gloucester families spin in a vortex of shame. Let's throw a shout out to producer Ryan Seacrest in this context. I thank him for bringing young minds such grounded and morally sound "reality" shows like "The Kardashians" and "Denise Richards: It's Complicated".

Yes, life and motherhood is all fun and games, just like on these reality shows. These young pregnant teens reportedly high-fived each other in the school clinic after getting positive results. Some of the babies' dads may not be as happy when they're in court for statutory rape. This is just a mess, isn't it? And what about the extra money the girls' parents will have to shell out for babysitters to watch the moms and their babies? Sigh.

All I can say is, oh HELLS no. Pregnancy pacts? Our society's moral hairline is receding fast.

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